About Us

We believe that if accompany you at the beginning of your way, we can prevented mistakes,

We’ll take care of you, as you take care of a plant and when your business will transfer into strong tree We will keep the fruits so you can enjoy it for years to come.

Our firm was established in 1995.

Languages spoken in our office: Hebrew, English, Russian.

We invite you for a free consultation !!!

We will open your company files at the Vat authority, at the IRS and the social security authorities In a way that is professional, efficient and reliable.

Our office specializes in:

  • Advice and due diligence before buying a business.
  • Advice partnerships and mergers.
  • Handling corporations (companies), educational institutions and independent.
  • Internal supervision for small and medium businesses.
  • CPA Reviews (fire / employer-employee relations / alimony).
  • Government funds business loans, guaranteed by the State, other funds.
  • Advice for retirees Ministry of Defense, Rafael, and held senior positions in high tech.

Professional services:

  • Accounting books audit for corporations.
  • Tax services including tax authorities representation.
  • Bookkeeping.
  • Economic consulting and bank loans.
  • Preparation f legal opinion reviews.
  • Mediation in liquidation by business partners.
  • Accompanying of bankruptcy proceedings in front of the Official Receiver.
  • Preparing a business plan and loan requests.