Association registration

You can register a non-profit organization in two ways:

1. Fast procedure: Register An association with regulations exist – the founders seek to adopt the regulations in the first addition of the Law of Associations, and they can also ask to embrace it with the change of two clauses required by the tax authorities for the purpose of recognizing the organization as a public institution, and with the change of section 18 regulations found regarding the authorized signatories (see An association registration guidelines). In this case the registration procedure is carried out by the Department of Registration and the founders will consider the merits and, if possible an association registration certificate within a short period of about 10 days.

2. Normal procedure: registration of an association with a specific statute – the founders seek to adopt rules contained in drafting amended, this procedure requires a legal review of the terms and provisions length of time until a substantive response association is longer, about 21 days. This procedure is handled by the Division belong to the organization in terms of its area of operations.
In public benefit company registration it is not possible to adopt existing statute, and therefore the registration procedure will be similar to the normal process of registration of an association with a specific statute.

Treatment time in registration of PBC – 45 business days.
Changing regulations of PBC – 45 business days.
Changing PBC targets 21 business days.
After registration of the association or PBC, any request to change the name, goals or regulations, will be handled by the division assigned to the organization.
Domain registration regulated by law, and the fees that must be paid for these actions, together with the obligation to pay annual fees or the right to declare compliance with the criteria for exemption from payment of fees, the regulations prescribe Associations (fees), Htsn”h – 1998