Small Business

VAT exemption refers to a small business, that his annual business turnover considered small (annual maximum updated annually.

VAT exemption issues receipts, but he is not allowed to issue invoices, he does not charge nor pay VAT.

VAT exemption is not entitled to a refund of VAT in respect of his expenses even if he was charged and paid VAT.

The free professions, cannot register as VAT exemption (they are obliged to register as a licensed dealer) This does not absolve the VAT exemption from the obligation of managing the business books according to the nature of the business.
Shipping certificate/quotation/Work order/Students log/Patients calendar atc’ …) It is advisable to consult with an accountant before rather than after the fact.

VAT exemption defined as dealer whose transactions turnover per year does not exceed an amount set by law, which is updated annually by the rate of increase in the CPI.

Amendment 23 of the Law on Value Added Tax (01/07/2002), canceled the definition of “small deals” and “petty dealer exemption” and the present definition of “exempt dealer” replaces the term “petty dealer exemption” that was used in the past.

Bookkeeping – every dealer must consult with an accountant about accounting instructions apply to him.

Such as a certificate of shipping, order book, calendar treatments, students log, receptions… etc…