Business Mediation

Focused business mediation, here’s mediation system that offers targeted business mediation.

Targeted business mediation, is a purposive approach that aims to resolve business disputes quickly and efficiently.

The idea behind the approach is focus on the core issues, A focus which will help in finding the best business mediation option (or business conciliation) that is effective efficient and just.

The base of the system, is striving for the mediation process to identify and focus on the core issues, while distancing issues that interfere with quick solution and effective of the conflict.

The core of the conflict is very limited sphere of issues, which are required to give them a solution, during the mediation process to resolve the conflict effectively.

To most problems are resolved by a third party professional and neutral.

There is no doubt that the man advising solving business problems is a professional CPA.

Often there is a tendency to see an accountant involved in the business as a non-neutral party and thus turn to en  external independent auditor  to be used as a mediator.


Using expertise in mediation

Possibility to target and identify, at an early stage of business mediation/conciliation by the business, the core dispute rises another advantage.

This would allow to add to the business mediation process, as far as it required by the parties to mediation, the relevant expert for a most effective resolution.

The skill of the mediator does not depend on his occupation, it may be a great professional lawyer but as a mediator does not have the ability to help.


The benefits of using mediation process

Saves time and financial cost to resolve the conflict.
Shortening the time – a legal process can stretch over several years.