Independent or company

Often debating what business to open an independent or company?

Contact with the tax authorities – Company stand with the tax authorities as a legal and economic entity separated from its owners.

Independent bound by personal advances, on account of annual income (the percentage determined by income tax revenues).

Tax rates – a company has a definitive and final tax, significantly less than the individual,

But the tax paid also through salary attracts from the company by its controlling shareholder.

Bookkeeping method – the method of bookkeeping in Company requires double bookkeeping,

Starting a particular financial turnover an independent is also obligated in double bookkeeping.

Control and supervision – a Company is fully regulated on the business resources, including deposits checking and bank adjustments.

Risk exposure – the company has no personal liability except where the shareholders have signed a personal guarantee, for example: a bank stamping the shareholders in his own personal guarantee.

Opening a file – a company must first register in the registrar of companies, and only then by the tax authorities.

And in addition pay an annual fee which is updated annually.

Tax-free compensation – controlling shareholder is entitled to receive compensation from the company which he was the “employee”.

An Independent has no such benefit.

Social Security – both are not allowed to sign unemployment.

Raising foreign capital – in a company it is easier, bringing a partner in exchange for shares.

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